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Core Values


We maintain the highest standards in competence and integrity in all our activities. We are honest with our patients and maintain strict confidentiality in their care.

Patient-Centered Care

We identify and respect individual patient needs being ever so sensitive to our diverse cultural backgrounds and beliefs. We advocate disease prevention and promote healthy lifestyles


Community Service

We contribute to the growth of our communities and actively engage in nurturing the next generation of medicine and healthcare leaders

Evidence-Based Medicine

We integrate the very best research with our clinical expertise to ensure the delivery to top-notch care to our patients, and participate in learning and research to address medicine’s most pressing needs.


We strive to continuously improve the quality of care provided to our patients with the goal of improving population health both in the United States and Cameroon.

Board of Directors


Dr Shirley-Ayuk Takem

Immediate Past President



Dr. Cassandra Ndiforchu

Non-Voting Member



Dr Tabi Tabe-Ebob

Non-Voting Member



Dr. Emmanuel Enohmbi

Non-Voting Member



Dr Efua Leke (Ob/Gyn)




Dr Chris Bime (Pulmonary Critical Care)




Dr. Mathias AL Fobi




Dr. Denis Foretia




Dr. Bertrand Fote




Dr. Bonaventure Ngu




Dr. Gwen Menga-Fote



Founders Club

The Founders Club is made up of individuals who have committed themselves, financially and otherwise, to provide a very solid foundation for this wonderful association. They have dedicated themselves to use their resources and networks to grow the association and deepen its impact. Please contact us if you are interested in joining this distinguished group.


Dr. Ata Atogh

Miami, Florida



Dr. Shirley Ayuk-Takem

Mullica Hill, New Jersey



Dr. Christian Bime

Tucson, Arizona



Dr. Susan Egbe-Tanyi

Salisbury, North Carolina



Dr. Emmanuel Enohmbi

Monroe, North Carolina



Dr. Arnold Etame

Tampa, Florida



Dr. Mathias A. L.

Fobi Stone Mountain, Georgia



Dr. Denis Foretia

Baltimore, Maryland



Dr. Bertrand Fote

Miami, Florida



Dr. Emmanuel Menga

San Antonio, TX



Dr. Corentine Kwende Ako

Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas



Dr. Efua Leke

Houston, Texas



Dr. Roland Iboni

Miami, Florida



Dr. Fombe Ndiforchu

Palos Verdes, CA



Dr. Cassandra Ndiforchu

Palos Verdes, CA



Dr. Enaka Yembe

Frisco, TX



Dr. Nina Lum

London, KY



Dr. Dione Mbame




Dr. Edwin Shadzeka

Washington D.C



Washington D.C

Houston, TX



Dr. Gwendoline Menga-Fote

Dr. Gwendoline Menga-Fote



Dr. Barnabas Fote

Houston, TX



Dr. Danielle Tientcheu

Houston, TX



Dr. Ronald Ambe

Houston, TX



Dr. Claudia Fotzeu

Atlanta, GA



Dr. Alan Tita

Birmingham, AL



Dr. Jeffrey Chenyi

Lexington, KY



Dr. Pascal Kingah

Houston, TX



Dr. Remy Teqwimuah

Friendswood, TX



Dr. Nelson Tajong

Birmingham, AL



Dr. Judith Peyechu

Humble, TX



Dr. Luegenia Ndi

Lubbock, TX



Dr. Susan Mbu

Pensacola, FL



Dr. Serge Awasum

The Woodlands, TX



Dr. Nicole Fobi-Nunga

Birmingham, AL



Dr. Irene Wakam

Ventura, CA



Dr. Austine Mengnjo

Danville, PA



Dr. Chenwi Ambe

Albuquerque, NM



Dr. Theodore Tanke

Portsmouth, Ohio



The Standing Committees are the administrative organs of the association and all Standing Committee chairs are Voting Members of the Executive Council. Contact the Executive Director if interested in joining a committee.

Committees of the Association of Cameroonian Physicians in the America’s represent various aspects of the organization. We invite you to explore the committee and then lend your talents to the development of these committees.
Standing Committees Description

Audit and Finance Committee.
The Audit and Finance Committee will manage, monitor, and supervise all financial affairs of the Association.


Membership and Credentials Committee.
The Membership & Credentials Committee shall accept and review membership applications and make recommendations to the Board for election of new Members and for other changes of membership status.


Nominating Committee.
The Nominating Committee shall conduct and supervise elections of Members of the Board and the Advisory Council.


Program Committee.
The Program Committee shall be responsible for the preparation of the scientific program for the Annual Meeting and for any special scientific sessions sponsored and authorized by the Board.


Constitution and Bylaws Committee.
The Constitution and Bylaws Committee function is to consider amendments to the constitution and bylaws; to review and draft rules for the conduct of council and membership meetings; to review and draft rules for the preparation of resolutions, memorials, and tributes; and to make recommendations to the association.


Publications & IT Committee.
The function of the Publications and IT Committee is the writing, editing and publishing all printed material issued by the Association and to provide the assurance that all of these publications conform to the goals of ACPA. The Committee shall also oversee content management for the Association’s website and social media outlets


Education and Scientific Research Committee.
This committee works on medical education issues that relate to resident and fellow physicians, and assists the Executive Council in developing policy positions, writing reports, and educating resident and fellow members of the ACPA about critical issues related to Graduate Medical Education. This committee also assists the Executive Council with the planning and execution of the annual Research Symposium held at the Annual Meeting in April. This includes reviewing abstract submissions, making decisions of acceptance, organizing the judging of poster presentations and assigning awards.


AD-HOC Committees. Ethics and Judiciary Committee
The Ethics and Judiciary Committees function shall be to review issues of medical ethics from time to time. It shall also act, if called upon, as a Board of Censors for the purpose of deliberating and ruling on the suspension or expulsion of a Member.


Clinical Advisory Committee.
The Clinical Advisory Committee provides clinical expertise to enhance the quality of ACPA’S educational activities, support ACPA’s members on specific programs, and develop recommendations to the board of directors for long-term educational strategies that enhance ACPA’s mission to improve the quality of health care in clinical settings in the states and abroad.


Awards Committee.
The Awards Committee shall oversee the granting of awards established by the Association as selected by various Association committees. The Awards Committee shall publicize award opportunities and coordinate the presentation of awards to recipients for the awards established by the Association. ACPA committees will select one or more recipients every year for each award, or no recipient if none of the nominees are deemed sufficiently qualified.


Members in Transition and Training Committee.
The Committee for Members in Transition and Training ensures an effective representation of the views of Student/Resident members in the Society’s affairs. The committee advises the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Assemblies, and other committees regarding the special needs of members early in careers and new ACPA services that can assist them in achieving their career goals. It will also develop strategies for recruiting into membership early career scientists and clinicians for the diverse disciplines involved in the ACPA.

Public Policy and Government Relations Committee.
The Public Policy and Government Relations Committee serves to represent, promote, and advocate the information policy interests of the Association regarding policies, laws, regulations and other developments that may affect the Association.


Medical Missions Committee.
The Medical Missions Committee is the humanitarian committee of the ACPA. The committee to assist in coordinating member participation in NGO community service projects abroad. Missions Committee and their goal is to assist those who suffer from inadequate medical, dental and general health support in Cameroon. The Medical Missions Committee also identifies collaborates with similar organizations outside of ACPA to maximize impact.


Executive Council

Audit and Finace Committe

Nominations Committee

Membership and Credentials Committee

Publications & IT Committee

  • Taylor, Cassaundra

Program Committee

  • Tallah, Clarisse
  • Bekong, Amy Jo
  • Nunga, Nicole

Education and Scientific Research Committee

  • Kilo, Bernadette
  • Feh, Marilyn
  • Ouonkap, Lionel
  • Ntock, Philande
  • Tallah, Clarisse

Bylaws and Constitution Committee

Medical Missions Ad-Hoc Committee

Fundraising Committee

Awards Committee

Medical Student Committee

Medical Missions Committee

  • Zedom, Bernadette
  • Nyindem, Lum
  • Mofor, Achu
  • Temoka, Erick
  • Tchienga, Dimitri

Members in Transition & Training Committee

  • Zedom, Bernadette
  • Nya Ngatchou, Jean Jacqueb
  • Ndi, Luegenia
  • Echetchu, Stacy
  • Sullendefru, Mark
  • Tahsoh, Daniel


ASCOVIME – – Dr. George Bwelle; Provide free medical care to rural and needy populations in Cameroon through mobile clinic campaigns. Started in 1998 by Dr Bwelle. Originally funded by elites of Cameroon’s Littoral Region. Trip Reports are available in French on website. Volunteer Details: Who is needed? All interested individuals, including undergraduate students, medical students, and medical professionals are welcome to join our program.  If medically not experienced, you can nevertheless participate ASCOVIME. The volunteer process and program fees also differ for medical professionals (licensed nurses, dentists, medical doctors, etc), please email for further information. WHAT TO EXPECT?

Mobile Weekend Clinics: Volunteers will have the opportunity to travel with ASCOVIME on weekend initiatives to rural parts of Cameroon to directly assist doctors during clinics.  Usually a bus with 30 volunteers departs in Yaoundé on Friday. After arrival in the village, you will consult patients during the daytime. If medically not experienced, there will be other work to do, e.g. in the pharmacy. At night the surgery starts, where you have the opportunity to assist. On Sundays volunteers head back to Yaoundé.

During the week:  Participants in ASCOVIME’s Volunteer Program will spend weekdays assisting medical staff at hospitals in and around Yaoundé.  Medical student volunteers will be able to shadow and assist physicians in local hospitals during routine examinations and procedures.  Qualified medical professionals will be able work with ASCOVIME doctors to support specialized patient services and medical support. During the week you have the opportunity to work in a hospital in Yaoundé.  You can join Dr. Bwelle to the Clinic of Visceral Surgery in the Central Hospital. If interested in other specializations, ASCOVIME is able to arrange something for you. And don’t forget: Cameroun is a wonderful country for travelling, so may safe some time therefore.

ASCOVIME is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. It is financed only with Dr. Bwelles salary and private donations. For volunteers who can bring specific medical supplies, the program fee may be reduced. For licensed medical professionals, the program fee is waived.

The following are suggested contributions:

Program Length


2 wks


4 wks


more than 4 wks


Program Fee






3500 + $/wk


There is a generous discount for volunteers who bring medical supplies or critically needed equipment.

Program Fee: includes all housing and transportation during mobile clinic trips, housing in Yaoundé, daily transportation to worksite in Yaoundé, transportation to/from airport, stipend paid to hospital for volunteering.

Accepts donations of medical items & cash.


Bread for Life International –

Mission: To work alongside indigenous Africans & efforts and help them become spiritually, socially and economically vibrant by helping to pioneer self-sustaining ministries and churches where needed and serving the church and communities through relationships that build vision and provide resources for strategic impact in the city and among unreached people groups. Current fundraiser – Ray of Hope Academy is a school for Autistic and other special needs children, something unique in Cameroon. We are raising funds towards getting a team of special needs teacher trainers from SLATE to Cameroon and the purchase of a much needed school bus. Ernest Ehabe serves as President of Bread for Life. He has served the Church in West and Central Africa for over 25 yeas in various capacity (Student Leader, Evangelist, Pastor, Church Planter and Mission Strategist). He did his schooling at Arkansas Tech University and Lee University and at George Fox University. Although he is based in Cameroon he is planning on presenting at the ACPA Meeting in April 2018.

You can serve with Bread For Life/CADAC in various ways.

As a Short Term Missionary or Intern or a full time Staff. You can serve with a group or as an individual as long or short as you like. You can come and let us plug you in where we feel we can use you or you can come to serve in one of our many ministry areas. Here are a few of the most common: Bread For Life connects willing hearts with opportunities for missions work. We organize several mission trips every year to assist churches and ministries we are associated with or those we have initiated. Other trips are planned with or for Western based churches and para-church organizations. We work closely with many churches and ministries, connecting resources with needs. Whether you are looking for opportunities for yourself or a group we can use you! The need across Africa is great and so is the demand.

People with various skills and backgrounds have served on Bread For Life’s Short-Term Mission teams, or as individuals, to assisting and supporting the indigenous African church in becoming viable, multiplying, and self-sustainable. Some of these people are builders, health care providers, technologists, educators, students, preachers, businessmen, farmers, and some have no specific skill set but have a heart to serve. These all have played a role in fulfilling the vision of Bread For Life.

Bread For Life sends out several teams to our fields annually. Short-Term Teams usually number between three and thirty participants (except on vision trips), and are formed out of a church, civic organization or family. They typically serve between one week to two weeks with some exceptions.

A Team works together to accomplish a specific goal, such a Medical outreach to specific communities, a Church plant, leading a children’s program or doing construction improvements on a home – all of which depends on the Team’s skills.

Whether sharing the Good News of God’s love with people on the street in a Summer Program, painting a new classroom, helping build or renovate a building, using your medical training in a clinic, serving among un-reached people group, preaching at an affiliate church, or preaching at an evangelistic crusade – you can be sure a Bread For Life Short Term mission trip will provide you with the experience of a lifetime! If you are looking for open doors, then you have come to the right place. Please contact us for more information.

Medical Outreaches – For the needy shall not always be forgotten: the expectation of the poor shall not perish for ever. — Ps 9:18

The economic crises in the 80’s and 90’s, the cut in salaries and the devaluation of the Cameroonian currency left many Cameroonians in dire situations. Many could not afford medical treatment; a lot of folks were dying from simple curable diseases. Some turned to sorcerers and witch doctors for help. It was under this stress condition that the vision for Christian Medical Outreaches and Christian Medical Centers was born. In 2004, with the help of Dr. Jackson Downey, Dr. Kathleen Holland, and Mrs. Nancy Hood, BFL’s Christian Medical Outreach was launched.

Christian Medical Centers (CMC) and their outreaches:

  •  Not only effectively meet the physical (health) need at affordable cost, but also the spiritual needs of its customers through various spiritual and evangelistic program.• CMC centers not only provide jobs for trained jobless people but also create an opportunity for them to render their faith practical as they minister to patients both medically and spiritually.• In providing both efficient affordable medical care, and a spiritual clinic in and out of its premises, CMC helps to reduce the degrading health conditions and win many sons and daughters into glory.
  • We have consulted tens of thousands of Cameroonians who cannot afford a doctor or hospital: providing them with free consultation, free medicine and free counseling. The result has been over conversions numbering in the tens of thousands also and at the same time, several new churches planted. These medical outreaches are a precursor for a bigger vision: a vision to see solid medical centers across the country.

We have several medical outreaches every year. If you have any medical or pharmaceutical skills or training we can use you. Contact us.


Hope Foundation – Hope Foundation is a German and Cameroonian non-profit and non- governmental organization. It was founded by a group of young, dynamic and committed individuals in 2001, with the primary goal of promoting community development and alleviating poverty in rural and impoverished areas of Cameroon. Hope Foundation is primarily involved in humanitarian activities aimed at improving the standards of living for underprivileged Cameroonians. Its aid projects span across various fields including education, health, water and sanitation, child care, human rights, environment, women’s empowerment as well as providing assistance to discriminated and disadvantaged community groups such as people with disabilities, street children and orphans. Gerald Bobga Fonkenmun – Founder and Director


The Association of Cameroonian Physicians in the Americas (ACPA) seeks to foster a stronger Cameroonian healthcare community in North America as well as fostering improved healthcare in Cameroon.

Mission statement:

To foster personal and professional growth of physicians of Cameroonian origin in North America through networking and collaboration.

To promote scholarship and facilitate integration of physicians of Cameroonian origin in North America in the healthcare industry in North America

To provide a forum for involvement in healthcare delivery and policy in Cameroon through communication and collaboration with Cameroon health authorities.

To play a significant role in all matters affecting the health of Cameroonians and provide the forum for debating evolving health issues

To encourage the development of practical solutions to Cameroonian health care problems through training and other strategic activities inside Cameroon.

The Patcha Foundation –

The Patcha Foundation’s CASEC program is an innovative community health program that provides resources for Cancer Awareness, Screening/prevention, Early detection and Care to the residents of Cameroon, Africa and to the immigrant communities in the United States.

In Cameroon, the CASEC program brings qualified manpower, reliable essential medications, and appropriate technology to bear on the treatment of cancer cases. 4th Annual CASEC Information Exchange Conference

April 21, 2018 | Bridging the Cancer Care Gap for Africans and People of African Descent. | The conference organized by the Patcha Foundation is intended to be a forum for discussions and collaboration to improve Cancer Awareness/prevention, Screening, Early detection and Care for low income countries and immigrant communities in the diaspora.

CASEC Medical Mission to Cameroon: June 18 – 22, 2018 – the annual CASEC Medical Mission to Cameroon is around the corner. If you have not already began planning for it, now is the time to begin to get in gear. Request time off, make plans to travel and prepare to be greatly rewarded by being a part of the mission. The February 2018 Newsletter is available online at:

Mercy Ships – Mercy Ships is an international charity. Mercy Ships currently operates the largest non-governmental hospital ship in the world, providing humanitarian aid like free health care, community development projects, community health education, mental health programs, agriculture projects, and palliative care for terminally ill. Currently in Cameroon


Purpose Medical Mission –

Purpose Medical Mission was founded in Lubbock, Texas in February of 2008. Its main purpose is to develop a bridge of medical assistance to severely medically underserved regions of the world. Mission

  • Rooted in the healing ministry of Christ, Purpose Medical Mission was created to provide quality healthcare programs and services to the people in need around the world.
  • Establish health clinics and urgent care centers in small towns and farming villages to enhance preventative care, treat illnesses and injuries.
  • Promote and organize visiting programs of volunteers, ministers, health professionals, teachers, other professionals and paraprofessionals to expand evangelism and health awareness.

Vision – Purpose Medical Mission strives to achieve long term and self-sustaining healthy communities where extreme poverty and lack of basic healthcare and education are a problem. We believe that through spiritual healing and preventive care a healthy community can enable itself to withstand the challenges of tomorrow. We have invited Dr. Sixtus Atabong to be one of our featured panelist for the upcoming meeting.

Samaritan’s Purse – – Samaritan’s Purse is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world. Since 1970, Samaritan’s Purse has helped meet needs of people who are victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine with the purpose of sharing God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ. The organization serves the church worldwide to promote the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Palmer will be presenting on this organization at the upcoming meeting. 

Other: Volunteer 4 Africa – Volunteer 4 Africa is a non profit organization that disseminates information about volunteer opportunities and the wish lists of host organizations and charities.

Leveraging our network for healthier communities. Locally. Internationally.