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Letter From President

Here we are!
The energy we felt at our 2022 Annual in-person conference in North Carolina this past April, I know energized all of you as much as it did me! Remembering why we started this organization and reconnecting to our purpose and one another rekindled our zest for delivering tangible social impact.

Mission statement:

To foster personal and professional growth of physicians of Cameroonian origin in North America through networking and collaboration.

To promote scholarship and facilitate integration of physicians of Cameroonian origin in North America in the healthcare industry in North America

To provide a forum for involvement in healthcare delivery and policy in Cameroon through communication and collaboration with Cameroon health authorities.

To play a significant role in all matters affecting the health of Cameroonians and provide the forum for debating evolving health issues

To encourage the development of practical solutions to Cameroonian health care problems through training and other strategic activities inside Cameroon.

ACPA & I am CAMEROON partner to provide Personal protective equipments to Physicians in Cameroon at the forefront of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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